The European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage -ECCOFORT- is an institution of research, protection, appropriate utilisation of monuments, effective management and marketing of historical cultural heritage fortresses. ECCOFORT is a non-profit Non Government Organisation (NGO).

ECCOFORT supports the European cooperation, initiates projects and opens the markets for the fortified cultural heritage, promotes the knowledge transfer and best practices. The aim is to help to generate knowledge for better income for the fortress administrations and the fortress cities, for better financing, capitalising and monument economy.

ECCOFORT promotes the acceptance of this heritage in- and outside of Europe, preserves and conveys its intercultural relationships and cooperations and provides a new point of view of this extraordinary heritage by comprehensive information and study tours.

With our network we take part in research and valorisation of historical fortresses, in preparation and organisation of international conferences and projects, in elaboration of scientific and practical-related expertises and in publication of work and research results for more then twenty years in the European Region.

Fortress cities, fortress managements and all interested institutions can use the consulting of ECCOFORT.


Dipl.-Volkswirt Hartmut Röder
Diploma (Msc) national economy and regional planning

- Chairman of ECCOFORT reg.ass.
- CEO of development company GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH (Ltd.), Berlin
- Member of National Center of Competence for Conversion and Ammunition, Steering committee
- Board member of European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass.

 Professional qualification:

- Project development and management, regional and city development, urban planning
- Preservation, utilization, management, economy and marketing of fortified heritage, historical sites and monuments
- Development of business and service networks
- Revitalization and conversion of former military areas and brownfields


Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Rudolf Neumann
Architect AIV BDB VDI

Scientific Coordinator of ECCOFORT
- Voting Member of the Federal Republic of Germany in UNESCO-ICOMOS Organisation “ICOFORT” -International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage
- Member of international associations such as the British Fortress Study Group, the French Association Vauban, the Polish association Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Fortyfikacji, the German Study Group INTERFEST
- Founding member of European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass.

Professional qualification:

- Scientific research and professional consulting for monument protection, conservation and restoration, utilisation of fortresses and fortified cultural heritage
- Tourist operator of culture tours and study tours to fortified heritage in Europe
- Publicist in the field of historical fortifications


Dirk Röder
Banker, Online Marketing Consultant, Author

Board Member ECCOFORT e.V. (finances, marketing)

- board member European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V.
- board member European Federation of Fortified Sites -EFFORTS-

Professional qualification:

- Network management and marketing, trans-national cooperation
- Project development and management in cultural heritage
- regional, national, trans-national funding projects
- finance management
- Network development




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