Hans-Rudolf Neumann, publicist in the field of historical fortifications and recognized expert, wrote reviews about some interesting publications of fortified heritage. We are presenting some interesting reviews in English language.

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Fortified towns between the North Sea and the Meuse. Urban heritage and sustainable projects

ALBARET, Florence / ALCAUD, David / BERGOT, Solenn and others

„Septentrion“ means as much as „North“, and not only in the North of France but also in Belgium and the Netherlands the here described and covered fortified cities are situated.

Orlov, Vladimir / Karo Paveldas Centras

The undecorated case itself (a copy of a Russian fortification plan of Kowna) hides the fact that the Atlas of Kaunas Fortress is a documentary of best quality in English.

History and renovation of fortifications

Jawor, Marek

The recent and still (in planning) ongoing renovation of the fortress Zamość has mainly been effected with resources of the EU.

With an introduction by the maharaja of Jaipur

Virginia Fass

This large format luxury volume (25 x 32 cm) describes and familiarizes not only the expert with historic forts, sea fortifications and the British fort of the Indian subcontinent with an excellent depiction.

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